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ASL Computer Services specialise in providing the very best solutions to the various IT challenges experienced by small businesses, such as data backup and internet security. We find the best products and solutions available in the marketplace, and then make those solutions available to small businesses.

We can provide to small businesses and sole traders the centrally managed proactive solutions that have previously only been available to much larger companies with their own dedicated IT departments.



  Redstor Backup Pro

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Redstor Backup Pro is a market leading fully managed off-site data backup solution which has the following benefits:

  • No more having to remember to run the backups: They automatically run two three or four times each day. You decide how frequently you want the backups to run.

  • No worrying if the backup has actually worked or not: We remotely check your backups for you every working day via our management control panel.

  • No worrying about your data falling into the hands of your competitors: Before it leaves your premises your data is encrypted to military grade, and it remains encrypted all the time it is in transit and off-site. Your data is stored in two UK based secure datacentres so it is totally safe.

  • No outgrowing your backup solution: This backup system is totally scaleable. It doesn’t matter if you have 10 Gigabytes of data, or several Terabytes of data, we can securely store all your data off-site in two UK based datacentres.

  •  No GDPR issues: your backup data remains within the UK at all times.

With Redstor Backup Pro your data is stored fully
encrypted in two secure UK based datacentres

Avast Business Cloudcare


Avast Business Cloudcare is a business grade anti virus, internet security, VPN solution with the following benefits:

  • Use public WiFi without worrying if others are spying on you data transmissions: Our Virtual Private Network (VPN) can encrypt all your data transmissions when using public WiFi.

  •  Early threat detection: Multiple shields (File / Behavioural / Web / Mail / Phishing) to eliminate viruses, threats and malware before they have any chance of attacking your computers.

  • Easy password management: Helps you manage all your passwords with the built in password manager

Our managed internet security solutions will give you enterprise
grade protection from hackers and cyber criminals

A new security product will be launched in April

Watch this space, we will be launching another managed security product in April 2019.

We believe all these products provide some of the best solutions currently available to businesses and domestic computer users within the UK.

Computer repair & support


In addition we provide computer support, both on-site and remote, to small businesses and domestic home computer users, on Windows, Mac, and mobile platforms. Onsite support can be provided throughout Northamptonshire and Warwickshire, remote support can be provided throughout the UK.

ASL was formed in 2002 by the proprietor Chris Moody who has over 35 years experience working in the IT industry.

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